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    Мануал по PayPal на англ. языке . Подойдёт в принципе всем . Для тех кто только начинает - будет интересно ознакомиться с методой . Для тех кто уже в теме - можно доработать и воплотить в новый сценарий . (все ссылки кликабельны)

    The premise of this method is to purchase gift cards from retailers that
    offer voucher + PIN to be used as “good as cash” within This payment

    For the purposes of this guide we use Here as the gift card vendor and
    Here as the exchange broker.
    Toys R Us, Eastern Sports, Barnes and Noble, as well as many other
    retailers offer gift cards with PIN.
    You may choose to use the gift card like cash with select retailers using
    This network, such as Private Internet Access.
    You may choose to scale the operation up and receive hard copy checks. If
    you choose to sell vouchers from a high end retailer, say, Frontier Airlines
    you must have a drop address but you will have a hard copy check in any
    name you choose assuming there hasn’t been a chargeback. Hard copy
    checks require ID scans
    You will need the following --
    1) Aged, verified PayPal that you control.
    2) Email accounts that you control
    3) Created CVVs from the general area of your PayPal account
    4) RDP based in US.
    Purchase an electronic gift card via the Bass Pro Shops website. Use clean
    SOCKS/RDP/VPN and be sure to clean your cache before each time you
    even visit the site. Use BleachBit. Do not go above 150 dollars for any
    transaction. Only use guest checkout. Never use the same email twice.
    Use an email provider that is not immediately recognized as “free”, such
    as Outlook
    Email delivery should take approximately 1-2 hours if your card was
    approved. You may or may not receive an email confirmation if your card
    was declined. If you have been waiting for 6 hours on a slow shopping
    afternoon in the US, your transaction may have been declined on the
    backend processing.
    Once you have the email with both your card and the PIN, go to Here and
    create an Personal account. You are not eligible to be a bulk seller yet.

    Choose "Sell your card".
    Choose "This" as the merchant and enter the value of the card. You must
    explicitly choose that you have the PIN or else you cannot cash out via
    PayPal and it will default to hard copy check. You should expect 112 USD
    returned for every 150 gift card sold.
    Choose to receive funds via PayPal and confirm that you will provide the
    code online instead of mailing it. (again)
    Use the credentials of your clean PayPal account to cash out the card. Just
    enter the credentials and confirm.
    You must provide a card to charge in case the funds are reversed from
    within here Use the same CVV as you used to purchase the original gift
    voucher. Work within a few hour window you should be fine. A single
    dollar hold is placed on the card while the validity of the Bass Pro card is
    checked. They are not related. You may use another card if you have to.
    You should receive a confirmation email once the gift voucher has been
    validated. The recipient will then receive a confirmation once the funds are
    released into PayPal. If all goes well you should have the funds in your
    PayPal no more than 4 hours after the original purchase of the Bass Pro
    Some retailers will use telephone verification before releasing the PIN of
    the gift card. You’ll receive email confirmations but it will seem as if the
    PIN wasn’t delivered. Use a Google Voice number checkout to handle this
    problem if and when it happens.

    It is wise to create a PayPal account at least two weeks prior to any activity
    whatsoever. Don’t try to use the account the same day you created it.
    It would be a shame for your funds to be limited or locked after all that
    trouble. Use a single PayPal account for no more than 3-5 gift card
    exchanges. That is 3-5 separate gift card exchanges with several gift cards
    “stacked” within each exchange.
    Keep a rolling schedule to maintain a quota that you've set for yourself and
    stay disciplined enough to keep to the schedule or else you risk your
    accounts getting limited.
    Verified PayPal accounts are available for purchase through
    You may choose to stack your vouchers in a middleman account and use a
    cashout account based outside of the US. You may create a digital
    download product on to cloak the PayPal to PayPal transfer as a
    transaction rather than using the dashboard.

    Creating free virtual server instances (RDP) within Amazon Web Services.
    We are specifically interested in Amazon EC2. We can do the following
    within the free introduction period--
    Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
     750 hours of Amazon EC2 Linux† Micro Instance usage (613 MB of
    memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) – enough hours to run
    continuously each month*
     750 hours of Amazon EC2 Microsoft Windows Server‡ Micro Instance
    usage (613 MB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) –
    enough hours to run continuously each month*
     750 hours of an Elastic Load Balancer plus 15 GB data processing*
     30 GB of Amazon Elastic Block Storage, plus 2 million I/Os and 1 GB of
    snapshot storage*
    All that is required is an Amazon account that has never signed up for
    You are met with the entire list of AWS product offerings. We are only
    interested in EC2.
    You may create server instances in the following regions, or, as Amazon
    calls them, Availability Zones--
    US East (Northern Virginia) Region us-east-1
    US West (Oregon) Region us-west-2
    US West (Northern California) Region us-west-1
    EU (Ireland) Region eu-west-1
    Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region
    Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region ap-southeast-2
    Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region ap-northeast-1
    South America (Sao Paulo) Region sa-east-1
    *** Not all AZs have instances available for the free usage tier. Check
    before committing to change.
    Within the main EC2 dashboard you will see a large blue button for
    "Launch Instance". This is where we are going to configure and launch our
    Windows Server.
    Choose the following towards the bottom of the list of Operating Systems
    Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter edition, 64-bit architecture.
    You will see that it is marked as "free tier eligible". Select this instance and
    confirm it as t1.micro so we are launched within the free usage tier.
    We are reminded again by Amazon that will not be charged for this
    Micro instances are eligible for the AWS free usage tier. For the first 12
    months following your AWS sign-up date, you get up to 750 hours of
    micro instances each month. When your free usage tier expires or if your
    usage exceeds the free tier restrictions, you pay standard, pay-as-you-go
    service rates.
    Most people can simply click review and launch. You don't need a VPC
    just for RDP hosts. Those who want to use VPN tunnels will need to create
    at least one VPC. You'll know if you are one of them.
    Check that port 389 is open for RDP on the security group settings and
    you're ready to launch. You will need to create a key pair to decrypt your
    password for the initial connection. (or not, it's up to you) Follow the
    directions on the key pair creation screen and be sure to save it locally on
    your machine, somewhere safe.
    A key pair consists of a public key that AWS stores, and a private key file
    that you store. Together, they allow you to connect to your instance
    securely. For Windows AMIs, the private key file is required to obtain the
    password used to log into your instance. For Linux AMIs, the private key
    file allows you to securely SSH into your instance.
    So you need the key pair to decrypt your Windows Admin password for
    the first connection or to use with SSH as either .pem or .ppk.
    Confirm everything again and click launch. Give your instance about 30-
    40 minutes to spool up completely. Virtual Windows environments can be
    tricky the first time. If you are having seemingly weirdo issues with no
    explanation, just blow away your instance and create a new one.
    Remember the free usage tier is based on a collective number, not single
    When you instance shows the green indicator mark and you see it is
    running, choose connect. Enter the key that you just created to decrypt
    your Windows Admin password. Copy your credentials into Notepad.
    Click Start -> Run > mstsc
    Expand options. Enter your credentials and choose to save the file on your
    desktop. Now you have a shortcut directly to your RDP.
    You can create as many as you want, all around the world, just stay within
    750 hours or you will be charged.
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